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ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET is the stunning directorial debut by British helmer David McGaw, who also stars alongside Ginger Wade (Producer) in a totally original take on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET tells the story of a contemporary rock band on tour as they are dreamed into the story of "Romeo and Juliet" by their bass player.

A knockout soundtrack composed by this exceptional partnership and recorded by their rock band OGGI brings to life this famous story in a totally unique and imaginative way. Featuring an international cast of over 60 actors, the film was shot in Hollywood (MMVI), and post-production was completed in Hamburg, Germany.

A truly imaginative and compelling cinematic interpretation of the world's greatest love story. The film retains Shakespeare's original dialogue and has a running time of 90 Minutes.

Set in neither the past nor the present, the city of Verona in ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET is a fantasy, dream world with costumes and settings borrowed from all eras to give it a timeless and international feel.  East meets West as the Capulets and Montagues conflicts Japanese Kabuki with Renaissance theatre stylings.  Kabuki theatre's larger-than-life movements and grandiose spectacle--with ornate costumes and elaborate gesture--blends with the wild stage antics of rock showmanship, fusing to create a unique visual style.

Romeo is played as a modern-day rock star, wooing Juliet in the ways of song.  Shakespeare's dialogue has been pared down to leave a clear and fast-moving story.  All the great scenes--the balcony scene, the bedroom, the fights, and the comedy--still remain, and have been energized with the infusion of British-invasion-styled rock music.  The final result is something like a cross between Shakespeare in Love and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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